6 tips and 5 shots that will instantly improve your drone photography

Today after watching this video, the images you capture with your drone are going to be a lot better. By applying these six tips, you will be ready to shoot anything that comes your way. You’ll know your rights and your local laws, know where the sun will be when you shoot and have a plan for prolonged flying. Through lowering the contrast on your drone, your shots won’t be plagued with overly dynamic shots. With proper composition and a commitment to your shot, the shots you take will look better and be long enough for you to use them.

Make sure to try all five shots, so you’ll have them mastered the next time you need to use them. Use the horizon flyover, 45 degrees down flyover and straight down flyover over a shopping area and see what you like best. Next try a simple leading lines shot, find a straight road you can fly over and try using the rule of thirds to place the rode in the frame. Lastly, try to master the orbit manually. Through flight time, your shots will continue to get better and better every time you go out.

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