DJI Mavic 3 Cine
DJI always releases quality drones, but the DJI Mavic 3 Cine is in a class of its own. It's the best drone DJI's put out onto the market.
DJI Air 2S
With only a few tiny setbacks, the DJI Air 2S is a fantastic drone for shooting professional-quality aerial video.
We took the Mavic Air 2 on a week-long adventure around Northern California capturing footage and photos of beautiful landmarks.  Along the way, people would stop and inquire about the compact drone – A LOT of people.  When asked, “What do you think about it?” We found ourselves saying...
The DJI Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom continue DJI’s legacy of strong aerial imaging with some unique features. Which one is for you, might surprise you.
Close-up shot of the EVO
The first word out of my mouth while flying the Autel EVO was “Wow.” It flies so well that you'll react the same, even if you’ve never flown a drone before.
Zenmuse X7 Camera and 3-Axis Gimbal
The DJI Zenmuse X7 interchangeable-lens camera has an amazing image, but it comes with a large price tag. The X7 alone, minus lenses, is 2,700 dollars. If you want the four lens set, it will set you back another 4,300 bucks. Then you’ll still need the Inspire 2 —...
GoPro Karma Quadcopter
Karma is a unique product, because unlike many drones on the market, this GoPro drone is the sideshow to the main attraction: the camera.
Image of the DJI S900 multicopter
DJI has been one of the best names in the multicopter world for several years. Between their market-crushing sales of the Phantom, Phantom 2 and Phantom 2 Vision, and their well-known Naza, WK-M and A2 guidance systems, DJI is synonymous with quality.There have been a couple of bumps in...