Gore horror explained
When we think of horror films, we often think of gore, but that wasn't always the case. Let's take a look into the gore horror genre.
Analog horror
Analog horror is an newer subgenre of horror taking the online world by storm. Here are some things to know before diving into it.
Everything in this article is at the very least incomplete. There’s no way you can even begin to cram the almost 150 years of film history into one article. There are whole books written about every single entry here. Consider all of these stepping stones for you to branch...
Film studies featured image
We often focus on the logistics of making films. However, knowing how to apply those techniques through film studies is just as important.
Scene from "Man with a Movie Camera" (1929) Hands adjusting a camera
Often seen as dense and abstract, film theory can be a useful tool in understanding the meaning and impact of a film. But what exactly is it? Here’s what you need to know.
Programs for film studies featured image
There are many fantastic film studies programs around the country to help you learn the language of cinema and how to communicate with it.
John Ford is one of those directors who had a profound impact in the industry. “The best director in the world” - Ingmar Bergman The "king of directors” - Frank Capra "A John Ford film was a visual gratification” - Alfred Hitchcock "I have respected John Ford from the beginning. Needless to...
The film industry has always been a beacon of discovery and creation. The many contributions of women in the industry are influential, but have been overlooked and are less recognized than their male counterparts historically.
5 Famous directors
The best way for aspiring film directors to improve their craft is to study and learn from the works of famous directors from the past and present.
When looking at some of the most notable figures in the history of editing, such as Sergei Eisenstein, it is important to understand that the theoretical approaches to editing are just as important as the practical. When looking at the theoretical approach to editing, one is encouraged to create...