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Lighting can make or break your shot. In a perfect world, you'd have time to scout your location in advance with enough budget to secure the equipment you need to create the look you're going for. But that's rarely the case – and even when it is, any seasoned filmmaker knows even the best-laid plans can easily go awry on set.
Lighting gels are essential for a cohesive video.
If you’ve never used lighting gels in your video productions before, they may seem a little daunting, but the effort is worthwhile.
What’s in Your Light Kit?
"People tend to obsess over cameras and lenses, but what they think is a good a camera or a good lens actually is just good lighting." Says Director of Photography William Hellmuth. He is based in Orange County and has been behind the camera for more than 10 years....
Set & Location Workhorse: The Fresnel
One of the most important things to know about a Fresnel light is how to pronounce it. There are few quicker ways at being labeled a “newb” (newbie, novice or newcomer) in a photo/video store or on a film set than by mispronouncing the light as a FRAZ-nel. It’s...
Lighting Setups with Only Practicals
Lights, Camera, Action — “Wait, but we don’t have the lights! How can you have camera and action without lights?!” Well, if you don’t have the budget for expensive hollywood lights or an Oscar winning cinematographer, not to worry. We’re going to go over some ways to use practical...
Building a DIY Soft Light
Every filmmaker knows that lighting is one of the most important aspects in capturing great images. Good lighting sets the scene and helps sell the idea of your film to your audience.
Using reflectors to light a person.
The very nature of lighting with a reflector is to “keep it simple.” With that in mind, we’re going to learn how to apply some basics of lighting to create some very nice effects with only the use of one, two or three simple reflectors.The Single Light SetupStarting with...
Stage with cyc background and camera
A cyclorama is a stage background that was developed during 19th century for the purpose of providing a smooth white or colored surface, thus a creating the illusion of a larger background. Initially, fabrics such as muslin or canvas were used. These were stretched on the sides and weighted...
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Extreme close up of a single LED element
Throughout the decades of filmmaking, there have been countless advances in technology, some of which have been revolutionary and some of which have been subtle. Some technologies have been adapted to filmmaking from other industries and some advances were specifically pioneered for the film industry itself. One such technology...