Are you struggling with pre-production for your video projects? Well, say hello to ChatGPT, the AI pre-production tool that generates everything you need from screen direction, shot lists, storyboards, and production schedules in just minutes. Watch this video to learn how to make pre-production a breeze.
AI writing for scripts
Scriptwriting can be time-consuming, but using AI writing tools can help speed up the process and let you be more creative in the process.
Fostering a collaborative and trusting relationship with your actors and encouraging them to come up with new character ideas will help bring your characters to life on screen.
To bring your characters to life, you need to collaborate with your actors, blending your ideas to achieve the best performance possible.
In a nutshell Screenwriting requires adherence to rules and procedures despite being a creative medium. Screenplays for film and television share the same formatting but follow different story structures. The majority of screenplays follow a three-act structure that consists of the Setup, the Confrontation and the Resolution. Let’s get one thing straight —...
What is the definition of comic relief featued image
Comic relief is a powerful storytelling plot device. Let's discuss the definition of comic relief and why it's so important in cinema.
"Mommie Dearest" overacting
We're all told that overacting in film is something that you should always avoid. However, there are times when overacting should be used.
Script vs. screenplay: What's the difference?
There's a common misunderstanding regarding the topic of "screenplay vs. script." While these two terms may seem the same, they aren't.
What is a logline featured image
If you've ever wondered what a logline is and how professionals use it, look no further than this in-depth guide about loglines.
What is a screenplay featured image
Screenplays are essential to movie-making. They are also necessary for those who want to get their ideas made into films.
Spec script featured image
Spec scripts are different than standard scripts. They can be great tools to start your screenplay writer career and get your movies made.