What is the rolling shutter effect feature image
Have you ever shot a fast-moving subject with your camera and the footage looked a bit warped? That's the rolling shutter effect at work.
What is film grain featured image
To understand what film grain is and how to avoid it, you first must understand the process of how it's created.
Sticking to the rules of screenplay writing are a must, but it can be challenging. However, Trelby can help make it easier.
anamorphic lenses under $2500
Quality anamorphic lenses can easily cost you thousands of dollars. However, there are a few budget options that achieve a comparable effect.
Color space featured image
Knowing common color spaces and how to use them in your projects will grant you greater control over your images.
Lens diaphragm featured image
The iris diaphragm is an essential component for your lens' aperture. Let's discuss how the iris diaphragm works and why it's important.
What is a jib featured image
If you've ever wondered how films can pull off the shot where zoom out as the protagonist walks into the sunset, the answer is a jib.
Avid Media Composer, also referred to as just Avid, has made some big progress from your fathers Avid. Learn about the new additions and improvements to the line up in this video.
Blackmagic released a long list of products this year, in this video you will learn about them all!
Made for the Canon R5 with the new RF mirrorless lens mount, the Canon F/2.8L Dual Fisheye 3D VR Stereoscopic Lens is an innovative and new way to produce a stereoscopic image.