Lens filters are essential for perfect images. You have a camera, a bag, a tripod, editing software and some cool lenses. Why not try using filters?
There are good reasons — and trivial reasons — to switch camera brands. Before you commit to an entirely new camera ecosystem, ask yourself these five crucial questions.
Using vintage lenses lends a unique character to modern images while breathing new life into old glass.
Anamorphic lenses distort the image, squeezing it horizontally while leaving the vertical aspect unaffected.
Anamorphic lenses squeeze an image horizontally while leaving the vertical aspect unaffected. Let's explore what's happening.
If you want to manually focus your camera while its on a gimbal and not have to reply on follow focus, you need to watch this video.
The Essential Video Shooter’s Toolkit
The big day has finally arrived — a video shoot for the biggest client to ever darken your door. You’re nervous, but excited and well-prepared. You get to work setting up tripods, cameras, lights, and mics. Everything is good to go, powered-up and ready to shoot. Without warning one...
While we have more options and more technology than ever before; buying a new camera has never been more difficult. It’s not just that there are dozens of cameras to choose from; it’s that each one offers something different, while at the same time usually omitting a standard feature....
How to Prevent Your Sony Camera From Overheating
If you are a Sony mirrorless camera owner, you know that continuous high-quality video recording is not its strongest side because of the temperature limit issue.
Camera Shopping: How to Spot a Gimmick
There are many, many camcorders on the market today — and not only that, the Digital SLR market has collided with the existing camcorder market, as has the point-and-shoot, and even the smartphone market. Today, it seems like almost everything shoots video. And, many things that shoot video —...
Video Gear for the Masses
A long time ago, in an industry that now seems a lifetime away, accessing gear to make films was a very expensive proposition, and options were extremely limited. Today, however, high definition video cameras that are good enough to store memories for a long time are within financial reach...