The rule of thirds is a fundamental guideline all videographers should know and follow. Here's everything you should know.
Lens compression
Lens compression is easily misunderstood, but its visual impact can't be denied. Let's talk about what lens compression is and how to use it.
"Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (Episode V)"
To make subjects feel powerful, filmmakers often use the low-angle shot to make those subjects appear larger-than-life.
"Why do filmmakers shoot master shots?" featured image
Master shots have been around since the inception of cinema. So, what is it, and why do filmmakers shoot them?
High-angle shot of bride
The high-angle shot is a classic angle that allows filmmakers to establish a location and communicate grand emotions.
An American shot in "A Fistful of Dollars" (1964)
If you have watched a classic Western, you've likely already seen the American shot in action. Here's all you need to know about the shot.
Jump cut scene in "Shaun of the Dead" (2004)
Filmmakers throughout history have used the jump cut in jarring but effective ways. It's a technique every filmmaker should know about.
Green Screen work is complex, even under ideal circumstances, and working with footage that hasn't been lit or shot properly can be pretty tough. In this segment, we show you how to fix those rough and discolored edges that are often left after pulling an initial key.
Knowing what bitrate you need to set your Twitch stream to is not only essential for your stream's quality but also for your viewers.
What is H.264? featured image
H.264 has been around for quite a while, but it's still the most widely used video compression standard today.