Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube — that’s almost an hour for every person on Earth. It’s the second largest search engine and with that huge volume of content, the ability to drive viewers to what you create is no easy task. In this course, we show you the best practices to consider if you want to be successful on YouTube.
  1. Course Overview (Free for Non-Members)
Before You Start
  1. Measuring Your Success (Free for Non-Members)
  2. Different Content Types
Creating Your YouTube Channel
  1. Your Channel Name (Free for Non-Members)
  2. Your Channel Art
  3. Unifying your Brand
Content Development
  1. YouTube’s Ranking System
  2. Your Video’s Title (Free for Non-Members)
  3. Your Video’s Thumbnail (Free for Non-Members)
  4. Metadata, Annotations, Cards
  5. Your End Slate Video
Developing Your Audience
  1. Knowing your Audience (Free for Non-Members)
  2. How to get Audience Engagement
  3. Sharing Your Content
Making Money on YouTube
  1. YouTubes Partner Program
  2. Your Channel Traffic
  3. Sponsorship, branding and MCNs
  4. Crowdfunding and you