Austrian Audio MiCreator Studio in use
Image courtesy: Austrian Audio

Austrian Audio has announced a new ultra-flexible pocket recording system that’s small enough to fit in a jeans pocket. The Austrian Audio MiCreator Studio looks ideal for music recording, podcasting, field recording and interviews. Austrian Audio says the device is designed to let you record what you want, where you want and when you want.

Compact design

MiCreator Studio combines a condenser microphone and a USB-C audio interface. The device has a compact, rugged body with a robust, all-metal housing. It also features intuitive on-board controls and a line input. You can choose between three different microphone sensitivity options, including a Low Gain setting that can handle up to 130 dB SPL. That’s equivalent to a jet plane taking off or a very loud rock concert. In addition, there’s an extra input that gives you multi-tracking capabilities as well as optional stereo recording.

Main features

Image courtesy: Austrian Audio

MiCreator Studio has two gain settings and one knob jog wheel for easy volume control. It also features FlexTilt, which allows you to adjust the mic head vertically for ideal positioning. There is a second input so you can connect an additional device, which is great for interview situations. In addition, there are two headphone outputs, which is especially useful for musicians recording together. Importantly, the device delivers latency-free direct monitoring of the mic and input while recording.

Different configurations

As well as the standard MiCreator Studio configuration, Austrian Audio also offers the MiCreator System Set. This includes MiCreator Studio and a satellite MiCreator microphone so you can capture high-quality audio in stereo. In addition, the included MiniBar stereo bar helps you to achieve the perfect mic placement. Both MiCreator Studio and MiCreator System Set come with Steinberg Cubase LE digital audio workstation or Wavelab Cast for podcasts and social media.

MiCreator Y-Lav

Another accessory for the MiCreator ecosystem is the MiCreator Y-Lav lavalier microphone. By connecting the MiCreator Y-Lav to MiCreator Studio, you free up the Studio mic for another source. You can also connect MiCreator Satellite or MiCreator Y-Lav to your camera into a camera with a Y adapter. That way, you can have great audio to match your video.

What we think

Austrian Audio MiCreator Studio kit
Image courtesy: Austrian Audio

MiCreator Studio is a portable and flexible system for a wide range of audio capture scenarios.  The ability to record sounds as loud as 130 dB makes it ideal for live event recording. In addition, the option to expand the system means it can grow as your audio needs change. If you are a content creator or musician, MiCreator Studio is a recording solution you can take with you wherever you go.

Pricing and availability

MiCreator Studio retails at $199. This system includes a single microphone and interface unit. The MiCreator Satellite is also available to purchase separately for $99.

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