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Adobe has released the latest update for its video editing program, Premiere Pro. Version 24.0 promises a five times faster timeline performance and new Text-Based Editing features. Adobe also says that Premiere Pro now delivers easier color control along with dozens of other workflow enhancements.

Text-based editing

With text-based editing, you can select text from a transcript of your video to create your rough cut. Premiere Pro 24.0 adds the ability to delete all the pauses in your video with a single click. You also get much more control over the transcript view. In addition, text-based editing now has multichannel audio support. This means that you can choose to re-transcribe an audio file using a specific channel or a mix of all channels.

Color settings

Premiere Pro 24.0 adds simplified color settings and higher-quality tone mapping. These make it easier to produce great-looking work without extra, complicated steps. You can find the Color Settings tab under Lumetri Color in Premiere Pro. It contains Preferences, Project color settings, Source Clip color settings, Sequence color settings, and Sequence Clip color settings. Previously these features were spread several across panels and General preferences in Premiere Pro.

Audio auto-tagging

Premiere Pro 24.0 now includes an Audio Auto-Tag feature. This automatically tags audio files as Dialogue, Music, SFX, or Ambience. After auto-tagging is finished, the tags identified appear in the Essential Sound panel. In addition, the Essential Sound panel displays the controls that are relevant to the type of audio files tagged. Also, when you select a tag, all the clips tagged with that category are automatically selected. Don’t worry if you prefer to manually categorize your files. You can still do this through the Essential Sound panel.

Project templates

Premiere Pro 24.0 adds a Save Projects As Templates option. This means that you start your new project with the bins and sequences already organized the way you like them. There’s also a new Video Effects Manager so you can easily manage all your third-party plugins in one place. In addition, Adobe has added an automatic project recovery feature for when the app crashes unexpectedly. When you restart Premiere Pro, you simply select Reopen in the new pop-up to open all the projects as they were before the crash.

Other updates

With Premiere Pro 24.0, Adobe has added HEVC and H264 hardware acceleration on Intel Discrete (Intel Arc) graphics cards. There is also GPU hardware decode acceleration for RED’s R3D RAW format on Windows systems. Mac users already have this support. To take advantage of the feature, you’ll need an NVIDIA or AMD GPU with at least 6 GB of GPU memory. In addition, Premiere Pro 24.0 allows you to set and retain custom destinations in Export mode. Lastly, one sign of the times is that the update has removed support for tape-based workflows from Premiere Pro.

What we think

Video editing pushes your computer hard, so anything that eases the load is welcomed. Hopefully, Adobe’s claim of five times faster timeline performance means that all users will notice an improvement in their edit system’s performance. It’s also good to see that Adobe is continuing to develop Premiere Pro’s text-based editing tools. These should be a big time-saver, especially when you’re editing interviews or other dialogue-heavy videos. In addition, it’s good to see that Adobe acknowledges that sometimes video editing programs go wrong. The Video Effects Manager should make it easy to identify and disable incompatible plugins. The automatic project recovery feature could also be a lifesaver.


Premiere Pro 24.0 is available to download now for subscribers.

Pete Tomkies is a freelance cinematographer and camera operator from Manchester, UK. He also produces and directs short films as Duck66 Films. Pete's latest short Once Bitten... won 15 awards and was selected for 105 film festivals around the world.