How to use the trim tool in DaVinci Resolve
You can do a lot with DaVinci Resolve's trim tool. Here is how you can use all its tools to speed up your video editing workflow.
Adobe Premiere Rush
While there's no right way to use Adobe Premiere Rush, there certaintly are better ways. Let's go over how you can get the most out of Adobe Rush!
A couple easy ways to make After Effects masks
One way to really spice up your video is to create animations using masks in After Effects. In this article, we will cover a couple easy ways to make After Effects masks.
How to rotate a video
If you need help with flipping a video, we'll show you how to rotate a video. We will show you how to rotate videos on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.
Desktop computer with editing interface.
To someone who has never worked with video, the editing process can seem mysterious and overwhelming. The truth is, anyone can learn to edit video. And you only need to understand a few basic techniques and principles to get started.
Here's a few tips to help you edit dialogue
Editing dialogue can be quite challenging. As an editor, it's your responsibility to determine what to remove when crafting the film. Here are some helpful tips for editing dialogue effectively.
Editor working in Premiere Pro on computer
Even if you’ve just started using Premiere Pro or you’ve used it every day for years, you will surely learn a few new tricks in this tips video.
Person editing on a laptop.
There’s always room to grow. The mark of a true professional is someone who has mastered what they understand about their craft and understands what they haven’t mastered; they continue to learn throughout their career.
Man working at computer and taking notes
From the earliest days of film, editors have faced the challenge of telling a story through the assemblage of various clips. Because one shot leads to the next, and that into another, on and on it goes until the message is clear and the story is told. It’s an...
Part of the joy in being an editor is in making the impossible possible, and the power to make visible invisible.
The invisible edit takes many forms and can be tricky to spot. If an edit is truly invisible, the audience will never even know that it exists. Invisible edits are used to string multiple shots together, creating the illusion of a single, uninterrupted take. This single shot is not...