A beginner's guide to the art of film burn open art
Once you understand the concept of light exposure and how it creates film burns, you can incorporate it into your own work.
Adobe Media Encoder
If you've exported video within the Creative Cloud, chances are you have interacted with the Adobe Media Encoder, but how does it work?
Shotcut is a free, open source, cross-platform video editing program available for Windows, Mac and Linux. In this article, we will show you how to use the program to create dynamic transitions to enhance your video content. System requirements   Shotcut supports a wide range of video formats in resolutions up...
Adobe is one of the largest and most widely used creative software companies in the world. From novices to Hollywood professionals, video editors from around the globe use the Adobe Creative Cloud to complete the work they do. Two of the collection's most popular applications amongst video creators are...
The majority of today's modern movies and television shows are now shot on digital media rather than film. This shift has allowed filmmakers to use computers to manipulate color in increasingly creative and innovative ways. And, in doing so, a fairly new role has gained prominence in the filmmaking...
Post-Production jobs open art
There are many important post-production jobs; we’re here to help you sort out the many different roles in this stage of a project and explain what they do.
If you want to prove you have the skills and knowledge of using Premiere Pro to its full potential, obtaining the Adobe Certified Professional badge helps make a difference.
When it comes to creating a film or any other kind of video project, much of the magic you see on-screen comes from great editing.
As giant blockbuster film franchises featuring fantastical worlds, powerful characters and thrilling adventures continue to dominate the box office, filmmakers rely on VFX more than ever to get viewers sucked into their stories.
In this article, we will define what muxing is. We'll also talk about how it comes into play in every single filmmaker's life.