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Mike and Chris talk about NAB 2022 and all of the video production equipment they saw. They go over what they thought the main theme of the show was and go over the 12 products that earned a Best of NAB 2022 award from Videomaker. 
Mike and Chris discuss what you should think about when exporting your video for YouTube. It's not always an easy answer, but they get to the bottom of it in this, the 101st episode. 
In this, the 100th Videomaker podcast episode, Mike and Chris talk about what they have learned from the process of making a podcast that's lasted. They talk about what it took technically to do a podcast that is also a vidcast. They talk about the success and challenges they...
Mike and Chris talk about lens flares, light leaks, and film burn. They talk about what they are, their application, and if you should use them. They also talk about how they are created and the history of each effect. 
From the video editor who is just beginning their career to the tried and true senior editor, there is always something to learn. Here are five ways novice and intermediate editors alike can improve their video editing skills to consistently turn out great work.
Mike and Chris tackle the age-old question, what should I charge for this. It's a difficult question, but with their insight, you'll get all the answers in this podcast.  Check out the Rate calculator here: http://www.videomaker.com/rates
Mike and Chris talk to Drew Geraci, filmmaker, director of photography, owner of District 7 Media, world-class time-lapse cinematographer, Sony Artisan of Imagery and Dell brand partner. See his work on Netflix's House of Cards and Stephen Spielberg’s new rendition of West Side Story. Check out Drew's YouTube page....
Mike and Chris discuss the new Canon EOS R5 C. They discuss all the specs and talk about the strange quirk that we didn’t see coming. That and more on this episode of the Videomaker Podcast.
Mike and Chris talk about the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). They go over some of the products that received Videomaker Best of CES awards.  They then predict what will happen in 2022 in the video production world. 
Mike and Chris talk to Jerry Ghionis. They talk about Jerry's great success as a wedding photographer. Jerry talks about his history and what it takes to make a beautiful image. As a Nikon Ambassador, Jerry talks about the New Nikon Z9.