Establishing shot
Establish shots are more than just opening shots. They help films communicate the underlying context of a scene.
What does a cinematographer do?
The role cinematographers fill is vital, as they are directly responsible for the visual look and feel of the films they work on.
Pan shot
Master filmmakers use the pan shot to invoke emotion and keep their narratives moving. It's a valuable technique every filmmaker should know.
Learning how to apply the theories of graphic design into your video using the real world techniques can help take your projects to the next level. Creating Titles & Graphics explores different ways to improve your skills using a variety of methods. This webinar covers topics such as lower thirds, backgrounds, after effects, keyframes and more. These concepts are appropriate for the video editor who has a basic understanding of graphic design theory and wants to learn how to use After Effects and Premiere Pro to create effective graphics.
False color featured image
False color is one of the best techniques you can use to expose your shots correctly. Here's how to use it on your video projects.
ProRes, ProRes RAW featured image
Though ProRes and ProRes RAW are both high-quality codecs, you have to use them appropriate to reap their workflow benefits.
Focus peaking
Focus peaking is a incredibly useful focus assitant that helps video shooters quickly and consistently capture sharp, clear images.
A timelapse sequence will add instant impact to your videos. They can show the audience something magical that could be never seen by the naked eye alone. Even a simple timelapse can be very effective in depicting the progression of a certain subject or scene. This article will guide...
Using green screens, also known as chroma keying, allows video producers to virtually layer any image or video in the background while having a subject (actors, props, etc.) in the foreground. Green screen backgrounds (or blue screens depending on the situation) are used in anything from high-budget Hollywood movies...
The world is full of amazing locations perfect for filming. However, taking an entire film crew to exotic locales requires a large budget, and if you’re dealing with travel restrictions or time limitations it may just not be practical. Beyond that, some locations don’t actually exist or are just...