The end of green screen? featured images
The VFX industry has undergone significant transformation due to AI-powered tools. It's led to speculation about the future of green screen.
AI livestreaming show Nothing, Forever
AI is making its way into livestreaming. While AI content generation lacks the nuance of human creators, it is already being used to stream.
A man looking at the length of film slides
It seems today that videos are getting shorter and shorter, begging the question: How long should your videos really be?
The Sony FR7 PTZ camera
We've seen many new narratives this year in the video industry — one of the biggest being that PTZs are here and aren't going anywhere.
It's undeniable that smartphone cameras have significantly improved over the years, but will they replace the dedicated video camera?
Ai video is here feature image
While there's no turning back from AI video, we still have to ponder how much AI involvement we should tolerate in our video work.
Viewfinder A matter of trust deepfake featured image
Are we approaching a day when video can’t be trusted? Imagine a country at war. A video goes viral showing its leader informing citizens to surrender and lay down their weapons. The problem, and the danger, is that this video is entirely not true. This was the case in...
Today, we have many tools that help us do our work remotely. But do they allow for organic, true collaboration?
gun safety
After one of the most tragic events in 2021, it's time for us to think about gun safety in video production and act.
We're in the middle of a worldwide supply chain crisis that's making it hard for companies to produce and restock video production equipment.